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The Sims 4: More info on Jasmine Holiday NPC and Challenges


SimGuruDrake took some time to answer questions from Simmers on The Sims Forum about the Upcoming Patch that will bring a new Spring Challenge in The Sims 4.

SimGuruDrake: Jasmine Holiday is actually the lovely lady in this particular image in the pink blazer:


SimGuruDrake: Jasmine Holiday has a special blazer on that has a logo on the back (she is the Challenge Coordinator so she deserves something a little special 🙂 ). In regards to whether or not you can romance her: You cannot. She will also be departing when the challenge period has ended.

jackjack_k: Tbh though, this feels like a “Gamepack is not ready we need a placeholder!!!!!!” Rather than intended to be the actual new way to play.

SimGuruDrake: ”no gif”

This was something that was always planned to happen, the gardening portion of the challenge is a new addition. We are actually looking at expanding the way we do challenges, this is just the start 🙂

Also I voted for “Anna Holiday” to be the NPCs name (it was a suggestion by one of the other members of them team…cause it sounds like ‘On A Holiday’ lol –its the little things I get excited over.) But we’re hoping to have her make a regular appearance for future challenges as well 🙂

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