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The Sims FreePlay: Day Spa Community Update Walkthrough


The Sims FreePlay team has introduced a new Community Event with their latest Day Spa Update that ends on May 14th.


The main goal of this Update is to unlock a series of objects by collecting different gems which will lead to unlocking the main prize – the Spa Resort House Template!

Event Items

Day Spa Update comes with 5 Event Items that’ll help you progress through your quest:

  • Coin Flower Patch
  • Quartz Deposit
  • Garnet Deposit
  • Moonstone Deposit
  • Jade Deposit

As you can see in the image below, the Coin Flower Patch is free while the Gem Deposits cost Simoleons and have a limit when it comes to how many deposits can you place in your Town.


The Quest

Unlike with most of the previous Game Updates, Day Spa doesn’t come with an ordinary quest. You’ll get a small Tutorial Quest that’ll help you set up the Coin Flower Patch and the Quartz Deposit. After that, you’re on your own to collect Gems and unlock new Objects!


Daily Goals

Daily Goals track the progress you’ve made in the last 24h and reset each day. With each goal completed, you’ll unlock new prizes!

The Goals are:

  • Use a Spin Plant (+1 Constructor Point)
  • Win 10 Coins from a Coin Flower Patch (+400 Quartz)
  • Complete All Daily Goals (+25 Constructor Points)
  • Free Quartz (doesn’t require you to do anything) (+100 Quartz)
  • Free Constructor Coins (doesn’t require you to do anything) (+1 Constructor Point)
  • Collect any Gem (+1 Constructor Point)
  • Collect 1,000 Gems (+1,000 Constructor Points)
  • Claim or Buy a Prize (+5 Constructor Points)
    • When you unlock an object when collecting Gems, unlock/buy that object in the Personal Progress section.


Personal Progress

Personal Progress is where you keep track of your unlocked Items and your Gem Inventory. Each Item needs a certain amount of Gems in your inventory, so make sure you put your Sims to work!


Unlockable Items:

  • Spa Robes
  • Spa Rugs
  • Serenity Rains
  • Hot Springs
  • Mud Bath
  • Manicure Station
  • Foot Spa
  • Mud Mask Chair
  • Meditation Area
  • Massage Table
  • Sauna Supreme
  • Spa Resort Template

Global Community Progress

The Sims FreePlay is tracking progress of how active our Sims are. The more they’re active in collecting Gems, the more we’re contributing to unlocking new Items.

This is a feature that functions on a global scale, so make sure you keep your Sims busy with collecting Gems!


Coin Flower Patch

The Coin Flower Patch is a free object that can be purchased from the Event Items section. It functions similarly to the Simoleon Sprout, except the Coin Flower Patch converts Quartz to Constructor Points that are needed to unlock some certain Items.

There are 2 types of Coin Flower Patches:

  • Spin Plant, which requires 400 Quartz and promises a decent amount of Constructor Points per spin.
  • Mega Spin Plant, which requires 20 Social Points and promises more Constructor Points per spin.


Quartz Deposit

Quartz Deposit (and any other Deposit) can be bought in the Event Items section. The more deposits you own the more they cost. You can only own 4 Quartz Deposits.

When starting your Event, the first Quartz Deposit is free.


  • Collect 315 Quartz (3hrs 30mins)
  • Collect 370 Quartz (5hrs 30mins)
  • Collect 405 Quartz (7hrs 30mins)
  • Collect 430 Quartz (9hrs 30mins)


Garnet Deposit


  • Collect 475 Garnets (3hrs 30mins)
  • Collect 550 Garnets (5hrs 30mins)
  • Collect 600 Garnets (7hrs 30mins)
  • Collect 650 Garnets (9hrs 30mins)


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