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The Sims 4 Gallery: Builds from Films by HattySims

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So you are a movie freak? A bit obsessed with movies? And you also love Sims? Well then keep reading because you might stumble upon a house from a movie that you might love! Let me introduce you to HattySims. She’s a YouTuber and she’s a builder, all her builds are amazing from a simple starter to a castle! But let’s get into the movies!

The Black Pearl

If since 2003 you got addicted with the Pirates of the Caribbean and you’re patiently waiting for 2017 for the next movie then you can ease your desire for more with the Black Pearl!

Black Pearl

Build on a pool you can’t help but admire how cleverly created this ship is! The only drawback is that you can’t sail with it away from your everyday life!


Continuing, we have a build from the second biggest fan base according to E.W., which is none other than Hogwarts from Harry Potter! -come on Harry Potter fans where were you? We got beat up by Supernatural-


A clever recreation of Hogwarts since there was no possible way on having it the exact same -Sims 4 limitation-, it’s definitely worth your time!

The Great Gatsby

If you’re still not pleased though she has The Great Gatsby for you! A beloved old classic novel became a movie and you can now (or at least your Sims) live in this humongous mansion!

Great Gatsby

Jeez, hope you brought your scooter otherwise you’ll walking forever! If this house doesn’t make you wow I don’t know what will!

Howl’s Moving Castle

Last but not least, you anime fans out there won’t be disappointed and forgotten once more, because she has the Howl’s Moving Castle for you! A pretty cool and creative house that you don’t see everyday I’m sure.

Howl's Moving Castle

It’s so weird and so many things are going on with this house that you just can’t take your eyes from it!

So if you want to check her out yourself, here’s the playlist and her Origin Username is HattySims.

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