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The Sims FreePlay: EA Confirms New Update Details

During yesterday’s EA Play Press Conference, EA confirmed some new details about the upcoming The Sims FreePlay Update:

Get your handcuffs ready. On June 12, The Sims FreePlay is introducing an all-new Police profession, a new hobby event, a new re-runnable quest, and more!


In case you didn’t know, The Sims FreePlay teased Police Update over the last few days. The last teaser was this image of a Burglar:


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  • The update sucks…it doesn’t show when my sims are through with their hobbies/work. Whenever a sim is finished with a hobby, they are separated from the task….meaning they are on a different floor… For instance I had my teen sim play guitar and her guitar was on the third floor of the house…when I went to finish the task she was on the first floor and she looked like she was playing guitar but there was no guitar! It’s all fucked up!