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The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff: The Puppet Theatre

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The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff comes with a Puppet Theatre – exclusive for Children use!

It comes with 2 Interactions:


As you progress through your child Social Skill, you’ll unlock new Puppet Shows to perform!

Puppet Shows:

  • The Creature of Granite Falls

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  • Search for the Notebook Snatcher

06-28-16_3-32-25 AM

  • School Life (Level 2 Social Skill)

06-28-16_3-16-08 AM

  • Lost in the Woods (Level 4 Social Skill)

06-28-16_3-34-02 AM

  • My Pet Monster (Level 6 Social Skill)

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Sims who don’t have a high Social Skill will often forget their Puppet – showing their bare hand!

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Although only one Sim can perform the Puppet Show, multiple Sims can enjoy the Show!

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Both Sims who enjoy the show and the Sim who performs it will get certain Moodlets after the show is over.

Tip: Sims who hate Children will get an Angry Moodlet from watching the Puppet Show.


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