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The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff: Decorating Your Backyard


Hello everyone!

I will be giving you tips on decorating your backyard with the new pack ‘Backyard Stuff’ in today’s article!

Starting With Your Building Shape:

You always want to start with your house shape regardless if you finish the exterior or not. Making the backyard area is important so you know your space limits. Also it’s great to have a porch area for your sims to relax under!

Lay Your Terrain Paint Down:

Terrain paint gives your backyard a realistic look. Figuring out where everything will go before placing furniture will help keep everything looking clean and organized.

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Placing plants:

Placing plants gives your backyard a natural and fun look! Placing a certain amount of plants can show what type of sim lives there, example if a nature loving sim lives there they’ll put a lot of plants, and on the other hand a non loving of nature sim will not put a lot of plants in their backyard. In this case we definitely have a nature loving sim that lives in this house!

Putting Down Furniture:

Furniture definitely brings the backyard to life! It brings the party right to your sims! This backyard is great for a movie night or a relaxing day out in the sun, smelling all the flowers that is around your sims! Try and use the new objects that come with the new stuff pack, the water slides! Your sims will get goofy, and have so much fun with these new objects!

Go watch this house be made on YouTube. Link here!

Soon available for download on the Sims 4 Gallery!

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Hello! My name is Sara and I love to build houses in the Sims 4! Sims is my main hobby and wish to continue my journey in the Sims 4 Community!

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