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10 Features I’m excited for in The Sims 4 City Living


For me, City Living is one of the most stimulating packs I’ve seen so far. With its new options for storytelling, fashion and diversity City Living has the opportunity to bring a fresh feel to The Sims 4.

Dynamic living

I am a sucker for vibrant colours and neighbourhoods so when I saw the Spice Market and Arts Quarter I was ecstatic. The area was filled with thrilling colours and flowing streets, it felt dynamic which is something The Sims 4 has lacked in a way. Although we have had vast areas in our neighbourhood to run around and explore in there’s never felt an immense reason to. With soul now implemented into the streets, it gives me a reason to explore the hearty neighbourhoods. It’s not just trees and lakes, more art and for a city girl, it’s home.


Lot Traits

As someone who uses The Sims 4 to tell stories while playing, the Lot Traits adds a personality to our homes we have only had to imagine before. Something like a haunted house can now really be haunted with Lot Traits such as ‘Cursed’, ‘Haunted’ and ‘Filthy’. Also, it gives way to many challenges from the Simming community. It will also be a valuable way for YouTubers to expand their Let’s Plays. It makes you really think about the kind of family or household you want to develop and play. I’m jubilant to see what kind of life we can either bless or inflict on our Sims and how it will develop their lives.


Storytelling Possibilities

For the Story Sim Players, City Living has a whole host of ways to feature Simmers tales. From working our way up through the neighbourhoods or lot traits, the ways to present our Sims lives has expanded vastly. We can take our Sims to festivals and conventions, earn money by selling art or crafts instead of a job and have memorable involvement in bringing our Sims legends to life.



Our wonderful new world of San Myshuno, the vast city landscape is the most beautiful world I’ve seen so far. I mean I love Windenburg, but it wasn’t too long before it became stale so to finally have a city to explore is amazing. Honestly, I was becoming tired of seeing countryside themed areas. In The Sims 3, Bridgeport was the place to live, having so many different areas to settle down in. I loved that diversity of gameplay having a city brought. You could live outside and venture in on nights out and to work or live in the hustle and bustle.


New Careers and Traits

Since The Sims 4 came out, new advancements with Careers and Traits have been pretty satisfying. We had an entire expansion pack for careers, so to be getting 3 within this expansion is interesting. With these new careers, they are more like what we had in The Sims 3 with Ambitions that, they make you explore and go outside for your work with goals and achievements. It’s a positive way to meet the city and its life. The new traits with Unflirty and Vegetarian just adds another depth to your Sim, something I am interested to see play out.


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