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The Sims 4 City Living: Worldwide Events and their Embargo



The Sims Team hosted a couple of Events around the world, allowing various players to get their hands on The Sims 4 City Living and write/record their thoughts and opinions on this pack. The participants will have their previews published on their YouTube Channels and websites during the following dates (provided by DOTsim):

Embargoes and their lift date & time:

  • Producer Interviews (Oct 24th @ 7PM PDT)
  • Game Information, Screens and Videos (Oct 24th @ 7PM PDT)
  • First Impressions (excludes personal opinions and reviews) (Oct 24th @ 7PM PDT)
  • Reviews and Opinions (Oct 31st)

Just like before, pack reviews will be released a day before the actual release. That probably means that we can expect certain simmers to get their hands on the Early Access copy of The Sims 4 City Living just like with previous packs, which will give them more time to form their opinions rather than from 4-hour preview events.

We’ll have a list of all articles and videos published by the event attendees so stay tuned on Sims Community!

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