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The Sims 4 City Living: Worldwide Events and their Embargo


The Sims Team hosted a couple of Events around the world, allowing various players to get their hands on The Sims 4 City Living and write/record their thoughts and opinions on this pack. The participants will have their previews published on their YouTube Channels and websites during the following dates (provided by DOTsim):

Embargoes and their lift date & time:

  • Producer Interviews (Oct 24th @ 7PM PDT)
  • Game Information, Screens and Videos (Oct 24th @ 7PM PDT)
  • First Impressions (excludes personal opinions and reviews) (Oct 24th @ 7PM PDT)
  • Reviews and Opinions (Oct 31st)

Just like before, pack reviews will be released a day before the actual release. That probably means that we can expect certain simmers to get their hands on the Early Access copy of The Sims 4 City Living just like with previous packs, which will give them more time to form their opinions rather than from 4-hour preview events.

We’ll have a list of all articles and videos published by the event attendees so stay tuned on Sims Community!

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    • Beats me. In my opinion, I think that first impressions are just overall thoughts of the game / what the attendees were able to notice during their 4-hour gameplay sessions.

    • Since a first impression is only allowed as the first step to be spoken of about the game, it’s basically going to keep the thought process of the reviewer limited to “a one track mind” technique. They can only speak of what they have seen, done and what they can or could do at time. They can’t offer what they can’t do because that would turn the impression into an opinion and like Sims 4, that “impression only process” adds restrictions against the reviewer and what they can and cannot say. It basically forces the person to speak of the game in a positive way, highlighting only the “highlights” so that there’s no room for negative judgement. Once the person is allowed to add in their opinion, they can now speak their mind which can now result in a negative or positive p.o.v which is why that process comes second to the first. That’s why it’s also mentioned the day before the game’s release. More time will have elapsed while the first phase of this embargo has been set into motion, allowing more potential buyers to watch and get more excited over what you can do or expect from just the impression videos as opposed to what you cannot do or can’t expect from the last minute review videos that offers an opinion. It’s a marketing technique. Imagine how many people will see the impression videos that would be sitting for a few days prior to the release of the game and then imagine how many people will see the “thoughts and opinions” videos which is only allowed to be done one day before the game’s release.

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