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The Sims 4 City Living: Circus, Opera and Underground Concert Events

If you’ve played The Sims 4 City Living for more than 1 Sim day then your Sim has probably made some acquitances/friends around the town. The more Sims you know the better odds are of getting the following message on your phone:


Your Sims will be able to kill off their free time by going to certain ”rabbit hole” events around the town such as the opera, circus and an underground concert.

If you choose to go to such events, you’ll be asked again around the prompted time you got in the first message asking if you want to go:


Depending on your Sim these events will have a certain impact on their mood:


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  • I got one of those popup messages for the concert invite and I waited until 10a for the meet up with the sim who asked. I guess he took someone else because nothing happened. My sim just stayed home and ate breakfast, then she went out with another man.

    • Same here, they didn’t fix it yet..

      My friend already invited me for the Circus and Mu sim-Girlfriend asked me fornthe Opera.

      The only way to go to the event is accepting but selecting friends. But you don’t have to select nothing.

      However, I’ve noticed that circus/opera events don’t allow us to select anothee friends to join…


  • My Sim has also received tons of these invites, but I’ve never seen a follow up invite to actually go to the event :(

    • same here my sim was invited to the opera and nothing happened 8pm came and went so i made her go out to dinner with her bf lol

  • I was able to experience this in my game. My Sim was tending to her restaurant when a call came in, asking if she wanted to go watch a concert. Then at the designated time, a call came in again and asked if she wanted to come. I got excited ’cause i thought I was going to see an actual concert with my Sim but she just took off and came back, if i recall correctly, about two hours later. Oh well. Maybe someday there’ll be something like an actual venue for these things. Maybe they’ll be rabbit holes like in the Sims 3 but that’s okay. I guess.