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Your Sims can vape nitrogen and other gases with this little trick

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Video game rated 12+ gone bad

Looks like the developers forgot to leave out the actual names of innocent juice flavors added in The Sims 4 City Living’s bubble blower, also known as a hookah.


The bubble blower will give you 8 juice flavors to choose from.


Now, they may all look innocent with these snazzy names but, once you install the Debug Enabler Mod which unlocks certain interactions added by the developers you’ll be surprised which option they included with this object.

By pressing the shift key + left clicking the bubble blower you’ll be able to change the cartridge type for this object, letting you select actual noble gases instead of juice flavors.


So, instead of vaping innocent little bubbles with the snow flurries taste, your Sim will be vaping the sulfur gas which is actually really bad for lungs.


Try not to get your Sims high…erm..I mean juiced with all these gases.

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