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The Sims 4: All about the Satisfaction Boost Week

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The Sims 4 is once again back with another Boost Week. This time the Boost Week is all about satisfaction, making it 3 times harder for your needs to decay and giving you an ability to earn 3 times more satisfaction points!

If you’ve updated your The Sims 4 game to the latest version you’ll be greeted with the following screen:


To activate these boosts you’ll need to call Jasmine Holiday using your phone:

You can request for these two boosts after Jasmine appears on your lot: Satisfaction Gain and Slower Needs Decay.

The Satisfaction Gain option will promise 3 times bigger Satisfaction Points after completing certain whims.


TIP: You can use these Satisfaction Points to purchase various rewards. Click the Aspiration category in the bottom right corner and find the Reward Store icon to see what you can spend your points on!

The Slower Needs Decay option will make your needs decay 3 times slower. This’ll give you plenty of time to focus on activities that do not revolve around sleeping, eating, showering and so on.


NOTE: You can only use one boost at a time. Each boost lasts for 7 Sim days and you can extend each boost by calling Jasmine Holiday again. You can also change your boost choice whenever you want by calling her!

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