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Magnus Hollmo who worked on The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 as an art director and who left that position in February 2016 gave a few comments about the direction of The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack and how much disappointed he is in the final product.

Sad to see how bland TS4 Vintage Glamour turned out to be, I had such high hopes for it when I started it.



I started it, worked on the initial idea for it, but after I left it seems like it went another direction.



Question: I’m assuming the idea was more celebrity/red carpet themed?

Magnus: That was the starting point, but I steered it towards Old Hollywood Glamour instead. Not sure what the end result is really..



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  • I think the stuff pack is okay, though in my opinion it doesn’t make sense with any of the world’s we have currently. Why are sims dressing up like they belong in the 30’s when they are living in modern urban cities like San Myshuno? They should have definitely released some sort of 30’s themed world for it.

  • A lot of the stuff in this pack is cool and I love that they’re expanding build/buy to include more design styles but I don’t know how often I’m going to use any of it as “Vintage Glamour” in any of the current worlds, I can see myself using the muted colour schemes for “normal” house builds though. Fingers crossed it’s a hint for a Roaring Heights style world!

  • It’s the same thing LGR said this morning in his review, when you hear Vintage Glamour, you think Old Hollywood like Blair Waldrof was in love with Audrey Hepburn. The Marilyn Monroes and Joan Crawfords and Lucille Balls. This is something and the only reason I would probably get it is because of the beds and the vanity mirror and the robes but the CAS for this stuff pack is a huge fail.

  • I actually like it a lot more than the other stuff packs they’ve produced. Of course, there is room for improvement, but frankly I found all of the items included to be aesthetically sound (despite how subjective that is), with good color palettes and proper scale (which I can’t say of prior packs…). I’ve used the items in a number of builds so far (seen here: and for TS4 items, they’re definitely some of the better quality items they’ve produced.

    We desperately needed beds, and more couch/sofa options (that didn’t look shitty and plastic) and those included in this pack were well designed, with a decent range of color options and appropriate color coordinates/compliments – furniture I’d actually use in real life (definitely more versatile than “vintage glamour” – not your grandma’s couch, and all that). The wallpaper is decent, and I think the full wall mirrors are proving useful. I actually love the chairs they included as well. The CAS items (hair/clothes) aren’t impressive, I’ll admit that. The necklaces are just sad.

    Also, the butler is much appreciated gameplay, and the bar & vanity aren’t bad. I’ve complained about the TS4 team dropping the ball and repeatedly failing to meet the bar (set by themselves) but that guy just sounds salty. This is one of the better stuff packs that they’ve managed to execute well, IMO.