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The Sims 4 Vampires: Create A Sim Overview


The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack brings plenty of new items for your Sims, including new makeup, hairstyles, clothing and a dozen of ways to customize your vampire’s face.

There are also 3 new aspirations that you can choose:

Master Vampire – This Sim wants to become a wise and powerful Vampire!


Vampire Family – This Sim wants to create a family of Vampires!


Good Vampire – This Sim wants to control his/her Thirst and remain as human as possible!


Vampire Face

Vampire Brows (3)


Vampire Sockets (3)


Eye Details (4)


Cheeks (4 / one side shown)


Vampire Mouth (4)


Teeth (4)


Male Adult

Hairstyles (1)

Hats (1)

Tops (3)


Bottoms (2)


Outfits (5)


Shoes (1)

Styled Looks (2)


Female Adult

Hairstyles (5)


Hats (1)

Head Accessories (3)


Makeup (3)


Tops (4)


Bottoms (4)


Outfits (3)


Accessories (2)


Shoes (2)


Styled Looks (3)


Male Child

Hairstyles (1)

Outfits (1)

Styled Looks (1)

Female Child

Hairstyles (2)


Outfits (1)

Styled Looks (1)

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