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The Sims 4: Game Pack / Expansion Pack Survey (SPECULATION)

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Please note that this post is pure speculation until proven otherwise.

UPDATE #2: Our staff member Cassie3k translated the survey manually with more accurate information.

UPDATE: Yoann, the person who received this survey, revealed more information on how he got this survey. According to him, the survey was released through GlobalTestMarket, a website which offers companies to pay for surveys which will be filled out by GlobalTestMarket members (you can even sign up yourself and get rewards for finishing up surveys).

We know for a fact that the person who published this survey has been a member of this website for quite some time. Yoann explained that he couldn’t go back and take the survey again and / or give more evidence than the screen captures that we’ve shown down below.

SimCookie’s reader received an e-mail with the following Expansion Pack / Game Pack theme ideas for The Sims 4. Although it’s not confirmed yet if the survey that was sent out in french is official, the e-mail content and screens do look legit.

Here are some of the EP / GP themes that were suggested in the survey.

The Sims 4 – Small Pets

Sims who long to own a pet but lack the space to accommodate them will love The Sims 4 Small Pets. Adopt a wide variety of new small animals, teach them tricks or even breed them to unlock rare specimens. Earn simoleons by building your own pet shop with adorable creatures and their accessories!

  • Adopt new animals – Have your sim adopt a new pet and take care of them. Your sim can choose between a talkative bird, a mischievous ferret, an adorable guinea pig or a furtive reptile.
  • New breeds and tricks – Teach new tricks to your pets, like how to say new expressions, or “go fetch an object”. Create your own rare species with distinct looks and unique personalities.
  • Build a pet shop – Create your own pet shop and put animals up for adoption to earn some simoleons. Sell animal habitats, pet food and even toys for their entertainment!

What is the probability that you would buy the Small Animals pack were it available for 19.99€?

The Sims 4 – Dream Jobs

The sims may now pursue careers that very few people have access to in The Sims 4 Dream Jobs. Go for glory and fortune by floating in space as an astronaut, leading dangerous heists as a burglar or by strumming guitar chords on stage!

  •  Become an astronaut – Launch into space and land in a fascinating space station. Conduct scientific experiments, float around, and even leave the station to roam around outer space.
  • Lead the life of a scoundrel – Sims looking for a more thrilling lifestyle may become world-renown burglars. Successfully pull off risky heists, steal jewelry, and manage a company of international thieves.
  • Rock your way to the top – Get a band together and go on tour to become rich and famous and live new experiences! Practice playing multiple instruments, ranging from the guitar to the drums, to better your performances.

What is the probability that you would buy the Dream Jobs pack were it available for 39.99€?

The Sims 4 – Beauty Salon

Sims who want to change their looks or want to build a career in the cosmetic world will love The Sims 4 Beauty Salon. Put together a team of cosmetologists and open a Beauty Salon to win simoleons! You may offer a variety of services, including haircuts and manicures. The Sims may also get tattoos… or have them removed.

  • Open a Beauty Salon – The Sims, being entrepreneurs, may own their own salon and benefit from it. Hire hairdressers, offer unique services and build a solid reputation.
  • Enjoy all the Beauty Salon has to offer – It’s make-over time! Give your Sims a new haircut, a waxing, a new hair color or even a manicure to boost their confidence!
  • Get ink – Sims who are looking for a more permanent look can get tattoos on any part of their body. Alternatively, they can also get laser tattoo-removal.

What is the probability that you would buy the Beauty Salon pack were it available for 19.99€?

The Sims 4 – Summer Holidays

School is out for the Summer and it is high time your Sims relaxed and took a seat in the sun in The Sims 4 Summer Holidays. Choose your living arrangements, then go make a sand castle at the beach or take part in luau! Tame the waves with your surf board or relax, go shell-hunting or discover new marine plants and animals.

  • Choose your lodgings – The Sims may rent a cabin on the beach, buy a summer home on a cliff, or go to a lusureous hotel with a breathtakingocean view.
  • Time for fun beach activities! – Embrace the sun rays and go to the beach to build a sand castle, make camp fires or learn new dance moves at the luau!
  • Surf’s up! – Pull off the prefect hang-ten and show off your gnarly surf skills. Choose your own surfboard and work on your skills to become a local surf legend.
  • Explore the beach – Mosey down the beach and discover rare aquatic plants and marine animals! Find new corals of all colors and maybe even have a magical encounter with a mermaid at sunset.

What is the probability that you would buy the Summer Holidays pack were it available for 39.99€?

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