The Sims 4 Game Pack 5: New Info coming in a few more weeks!

There’s no denying that news for The Sims 4 have been a little slow lately. SimGuruNinja wanted to assure us that the fifth Game Pack for The Sims 4, which seems to be family-oriented, should be fully revealed in a few more weeks. This doesn’t tell us exactly when the Game Pack’s Trailers, Screens and Blogs should start coming in but we can now only guess that the next month will be busy in terms of GP5 news.

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  • Wasn’t the whole thing with so many stuff packs and game packs that they’d be coming out more frequently — like, at least one a month? Like, I’m not trying to complain or anything, but we’re almost five months into 2017 and so far we’ve gotten a (admittedly awesome) game pack and a (also awesome) stuff pack. Bowling Night Stuff came out almost a month ago, and now we’re not even going to get so much as a trailer for the next pack until next month?

    • The thing we have to remember is there’s a lot of people who complain about EAXIS releasing SPs too frequently. As for GPs I don’t believe they were ever coming out more than twice in every fiscal year.

  • Well, they said it would come in spring. I hope they realise that means it needs to come out before the end of May. Excited for it though; I’ve always wanted more family things.

    • Spring officially ends June 20th, and that’s the date EA goes by (equinox/solstice.) However, since a stuff pack is scheduled for the end of June, it is more likely that the gamepack will arrive in May. Not a guarantee, though.

  • I don’t think anyone has a problem with SPs coming out frequently, people are mad because what they’re releasing isn’t what they want and probably isn’t good for anything but CAS parts in the long run. The fountain from Luxury Party was nice, but there’s now a bug that stops my sims from eating and drinking at the same time. Hot tubs are cool, but when does your sim actually have time to use them? The ice cream machine was a good addition, but eating ice cream barely fills up your sim’s hunger. I love the bird feeder, but I can’t place it on balconies. This is most likely because of my play style (I’m all about families), but you get what I mean right?