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The Sims 4 Eco Living: Object Vote Results

SimGuruGraham has revealed the twenty eight sucessful objects that Simmers have chosen to be in the upcoming Eco Living stuff pack project.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our recent vote, where you helped select the objects and clothing you want to see in our collaborative Stuff Pack project! In the time since the voting ended, we’ve parsed the data, finalized the selections, and gone through an informal internal approval process. This process is part of what was discussed in the survey blog, where I spoke about how we want to ensure we’re respecting the communities decisions, as well as offering a balanced pack.

Today I’m sharing the results of the objects portion of the survey. If you’re interested in which pieces of clothing won, check the forums again in the coming days for a full breakdown of the clothing voting results. For now, we’ve locked down the object list, and our artists are hard at work on the next step – creating object guides. If you want to learn more about what an object guide is, and how our team works during this part of the project, then click here for a development update where you’ll discover more about how we make The Sims. If you’re just stopping by to see the winning objects though, then let’s get right to it.

From 68 pieces of object concept art, your votes helped narrow them down to the top 28* pieces you see below. We did end up making a few adjustments to the final list, so as to provide a balanced offering of different objects within the pack. For example… there were two styles of the wicker loveseat, and wicker living chair that were available to vote on. All of them received enough votes to propel them into the top of the survey, but we felt they didn’t offer enough visual variety to include all four of them. We kept the top two, and replaced the other two with different objects that just missed the original cut. That bare light bulb that people have been chatting about actually placed number 30 on the list, but by diversifying the selections, we were able to include it!

*Bonus! We’re actually including 29 total objects. One of our internal object modelers had a little spare time in his schedule, and went ahead and created the ottoman prior to the vote.

These are the objects that will be included in this upcoming Stuff Pack:

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    • ya the not nice one’s made cut . why they could not make a chair that was wicker like they had in the original Adam’s Family . that was styling and cool is beyond me . that Morticia always sat in. that would have been grate for the Goths . lets hope the clothing is some better choices .and not just all woman shoes . a lot of items made the cut that do nothing that only decorative . would have like the ironing board table that stood to be uses as a table ! not the one on wall that just does nothing . When they learn we need game interaction with more stuff .

    • ya I can’t believe that was chosen . There was way better choice for those . 1970’s bag taste style .it like a giant basket with out the handle .And ya those were real at one time . Old tv shows have them in them .

  • Ah why more plants that we can do nothing with . We have more of those then we need already ! this pack needs a washer and dryer and clothes line .along with some wicker hampers . hope not all the clothing for this is going be woman only . Why not ironing board table . that was usable .not one on wall ): 9 items you have no inter action with shelves you can do nothing with there for looks . the wicker couch and love seat are not the nice one ,Was hoping for . And coffee table or foot stool don’t mach a thing .. Hope you will have them colored more like a set to some thing ! they don’t look like they belong with the rest of items now .. and bright red dust pan needs to recolored to mach the rest of colors also . This set remind’s me of the Hatfield family back in ( The very fist The Sims ) they were poor family that came with game . but they were one of the most fun to play . Don’t sell the sims guy short on clothing . we got nothing original you had some good choices . hope they make the cut . But i say it again game interaction is a big thing . you sim needs be be able to do some thing to it . in game play to make it work .

    • This is still only the vote for the objects that are versions of stuff we already have. Washers, dryers, clothes lines, hampers, ironing boards; all of these things are FEATURED ITEMS for the FEATURE VOTE on JUNE 24TH.

      Also, a lot of these items would look really good with items from the Parenthood GP. Or the Movie SP.

  • I can not believe that most of my choices made it in! Even tho Eco-living Pack was my third option and I picked the modern style, these items are neat. Love it love it love it!