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Parenthood: Hippie Teen Room Speed Build by Penapple

Hippie Teen Room | Sims 4 Speed Room Build | Parenthood Game Pack

Penapple is a YouTuber who I’ve been watching for awhile now. There is just something about her builds and lets plays that keep me coming back and watching more and more of her videos (even if that means watching the same video several times.) Most recently I’ve been watching Penapple’s Parenthood Teen Room Builds series. Each room has it’s own characteristics and are full of detail, colour and to be totally honest just amazing!

Take a look at Penapple’s Hippie Teen Room speed build above. Why not also check out the Sporty, Messy and Angsty room builds from the mini series as well?

If you loved this video and the others from the series you can check out Penapple’s other builds and lets plays on her channel here and you can also follow Penapple on Twitter too!

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Hey, I'm Krista! Long time Simmer and Sims Community Staff. You'll usually find me hanging out in our Discord, in-game or creating articles!

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