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Speculation: Possible first look at The Sims 4 Pets!

NOTE: This post is pure speculation and is not confirmed by EA.

UPDATE #2: In a conversation with one of our readers Roman Doubrava, we found more information about how the render and information about Pets got into the hands of the retailer. Roman got a reply from one of the people who work at, saying the following:

Hello, The game is a product plan from EA, which they sent last week under the working name PETS. So far we do not know whether we hit the Czech name of DOMÁCÍ MAZLÍČCI (Home Pets) (it may be just MAZLÍČCI (Pets) or PSI & KOČKY (Dogs and Cats) ). The picture we have on the product is only illustrative.

However, when asked for information about the origin of the render, they replied with the following:

Documents for the mock-up come from google search, not sent to us by EA. We have withdrawn the product at the publisher’s request, will only be offered after the official announcement of the game.

The question remains: how were they able to find that render on Google if we did an extensive search on google and various sims forums before this render got viral and found NO results of this render, yet they were able to find it just like that and post it on their listing? Furthermore, why is no one able to track down the original creator of this state-of-the-art fanmade render? For now, this is just speculation, but we’ll see the final results and the resemblance once The Sims Team decides to officially announce this Pack…

UPDATE: SimGuruGraham tweeted a comment on this render, saying that it’s fake. Although it’s still fishy how the original creator / source of this render cannot be found, at least we now have a 2nd listing aiming at the November 9/10 release date.

One of the most reliable Czech retail websites that sells video games ( has listed The Sims 4 Pets on their page. Along with the listing there is a box art which, although looks fanmade, is made with a render which seems more than real to me. I have no trustworthy information but it seems the retailer recreated the box art using the render they were provided with.

I did my duty as a news reporter and did a google and forums search of this render before it went viral. However, no results came up.

Even if the assets turn out to be fake (which we don’t know yet), the November 10 listing could very much be real as this isn’t the first time the release date has been leaked by a Czech retailer.

The retailer listed November 10th, 2017 as the release date of this Expansion Pack – similar to the first release date leak.

We’ll keep you updated as new information pop up. Stay tuned on our Pets Category for all the latest news!

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  • OH

    If this turns out to be fake, I’ll be so angry! The only thing that this render has going against it is the fact that the only new content seen here are animals and a lamp (Which could be modified TS3 models for all I know). Those CAS assets all exist already (I think) and I know for sure that the loveseat is base game.
    Another thing of note: there are no small dogs.

    • Wait, pay attention to the EP’s icon. The icon for this pack is just an unrendered food bowl.
      In all likelihood, this is either a mockup for a render or a fake.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a mock up, seeing as we’re ~5 months out from the ship date. They may not even have all of the details nailed down (i.e., CAS items) especially as we’re most likely going to get a set amount of breeds, as opposed to a full customization system like TS3. BUT, I wonder.. why would Maxis send out a render that they didn’t want released? This isn’t the first time a date/pack has been leaked/rumored, so you’d think they’d be a bit more cautious if this is indeed legit.

        • Hasbro does similar things for their toys; they send out a promotional render/painted prototype to retailers.
          I would guess that there’s some screenshots to go along with this so that retailers will be convinced to carry this product. They just didn’t anticipate the retailer to actually show off these renders (which happens more often than you’d think).

  • I hope it’s true and we get some lovely pets for Sims 4, but man that is still a long way out to have to wait for it to come! it shows on their site 10/11/2017! I also see that SimGuruGraham’s tweet makes since! They would have new clothes for the EP! I think they wouldn’t just put the clothes we already have on sims in a new EP! But heck I hope we get the EP soon! What the world they been doing since City Living EP release! Let’s hope PETS! :D

  • This is a fake because all those assets are already in game. If this was new then the two sims should be in new cas outfit and we should see new build/buy objects since we don’t…its a fake.

  • No matter if the render is fake or not: Where did Simguru Graham explicitly state that this picture is a fake? I mean, in the quoted tweet he only gives advice on how to recognise fake renders. I’m quite sure that he did it on purpose because it was not his intention to deny Pets but he had to do something. That’s why I understand his tweet as the result of a compromise.

  • I thing the pets itrself ar real and that EA made the render to give a sneek peek at this pack! like trow a bone

  • Maybe, one of developer sent them the render but Graham didn’t know about that. So he thought that the render is fake LOL

  • if that’s a fake, then it was a little too real.
    things got intense for a second there when i saw the render
    heart skipped a beat. little worried though…i feel like ive seen the cat on the ground somewhere before. random deja vu maybe

  • Either way it looks like Pets are making their debut for TS4 this year. We all know that it’s just a confirmation away. We’ve got code strings being found practically every other patch suggesting pets and we’ve got two sources claiming the same release date in EU. There’s literally nothing left to do but wait for the confirmation. I just wish it wasn’t a November release. I’m hoping we get some pretty nice SPs or a GP in between now and then.

  • It’s official. Especially as this Guru claims that if a promo shows old clothes it’s not legit and EA literally just released that trailer for the toddler stuff where they all have the same clothes and hair that are already in the game.