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The Sims 4 “Dogs and Cats” Expansion Pack listed for November release (SPECULATION)

Please note that nothing has been confirmed by The Sims Team so treat this post as speculation!

UPDATE: The listing has been removed just a few hours after this post! I think we all know what this means… ;)

A recognized Slovakia retail website has listed “The Sims 4: Dogs and Cats” on their website. There is no information about the pack other than the fact that it’s probably an Expansion Pack based on the 39,99€ price. There’s also the release date of the pack, saying that it’s coming out on November 9th, 2017 (November 7th could be the US release).

The listing is likely very true after we found that the next expansion pack is only bringing dogs and cats as new creatures.

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      • Lol, I’m saying that if this is going to be an EP then this is really disappointing. And if they’re going to make a bunch of packs with different pets in each one… Well, I feel like it’s a little money hungry, like how they’ve made a vampire pack instead of a supernatural EP, but, like I’ve said before, they do need to make money. But if they are making different packs with pets in them, I’m a little sad since that means they’ll most likely release those packs over the span of years.

        • You are right courtney, it is a little bit money hungry, but that is really how they are going with the sims. The thing is, maybe the years you are thinking they are going to take to make new pets is not that much… They actually seem to be making things by category. We got Get Together and then a bunch game and stuff packs related. We got kids room stuff pack and then a bunch of related family gameplay stuff (toddlers, parenthood,…). It isnt going to take that much (or so I hope)
          About the money thing, well it sucks but see that as a good thing for the future of sims (and i think we all should get a job, or a part time job to get the sims eps, gp and sp ahahah :P)

  • Only cats and dogs? Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. I just hope it means they decided to focus on giving us lots of cat and dog breeds and solid new gameplay features, rather than try and jam in a ton of half-baked smaller pets (which we already knew they were considering making into a separate game pack anyway).

  • If it’s only cats and dogs, then this can’t be an EP (I’ll be disappointed if it still is), but if Pets isn’t the next EP then what is?

          • Oh I get you. But EPs are a yearly thing, so I wasn’t expecting more than one. In fact, yearly is a generous statement considering the time difference between Get Together and City Living. I’m saying because we only get one once a year, if it’s not Pets then I wonder what it is. And if it is Pets and we only get cats and dogs, that’s really disappointing. I can understand releasing more animals in GPs, but I don’t understand how that would work. Does that mean that you’d need the Pets EP in order to fully enjoy the other packs? I understand this is speculation and I might be worrying for nothing though. I hope they explain what they want to do soon.

          • no they will base the other pets on something else like horses – farm game pack with farm animals am sure

          • there is new codes added in the game after every patch. its happening and it will be soon. the the release date leak from a website is correct. 11/9/17

  • Would love it, if it is going to happen, hopefully it will have a large variety of different critters to choose from to make it more interesting, =)

  • Does this mean we are better off with a The Sims 4: Hello Kitty expansion :( interactions include romantic sims wanting to puurrr there love ones under the covers for that jungle fever moment.

  • I think I can roll with only cats and dogs but was really really hoping that they may include season in this too

  • Honestly, if it’s just cats and dogs, I would still love it. But I do hope for different animals. I would love to see parrots, rabbits, and small rodents, as well as more exotic animals like snakes and hedgehogs.

    I would also like to see a Farm Living Pack, where it brings in farming stuff, like crops, cows and horses!

    • i think this would be a great idea for another pack. Farm living style with more interactions available to horses as well as bringing the possibilities of farm animals like cows,pigs,horses, ducks,turkeys, etc. More maps of “country sides” would be nice not everyone wants to experience a city life or suburb life all the time.

  • So I’ve seen the trailer for this now and I’m mind blown. I don’t mind them making cats and dogs the focus, but I’m annoyed that it’s all that the pets expansion pack will be. The only semi interesting feature is that we’ll apparently be able to run a clinic. At the very least there doesn’t appear to be any pet in this pack besides cats and dogs.

    Couldn’t they have at least added interactive fish tanks with options to stock/clean the tank, feed the fish, and flush dead fish down the toilet or have a fish funeral in our backyard? Just to make this pack feel the slightest bit less empty. Or included a play with option for all the insects we can collect and display since the Outdoor Retreat pack even.

    They had better be planning a Farmer’s Life expansion pack with horses, cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens and a world devoted specifically to farms and farm houses with at least 5 100 by 100 sized lots for those, 5 smaller home lots, and 10 community lots. The neighborhoods/worlds in the sims 4 have all been so small so far that I little hopes they’d ever take the time to do something like this but here’s praying.