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Introducing Themed Weeks!


We’re introducing a brand new segment on Sims Community called Themed Weeks!

During themed weeks we’ll be releasing articles, tips, tricks and spotlights that are all related to a certain game that we’re dedicating our week to. Themed weeks are planned according to news, announcements and quarterly teasers, so expect a themed week each time there’s not much going on related to news and announcements.

To celebrate the launch of The Sims 4 Base Game (Digital Deluxe) on Origin Access, we’ll be dedicating the upcoming week starting July 10th to July 16th to the Base Game. Expect all sorts of interesting articles and tips for the game.

We hope you enjoy our themed weeks and if you have any suggestions regarding which theme you’d like to see next, let us know in the comment section and / or tweet us @TheSimCommunity.

Expect first base game related posts to surface in the next 24 hours!

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