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Sharing your creations for our Gallery Themed Week


It’s time to spotlight your gallery creations!

Over the next 7 days we’ll be showcasing not only lots but also rooms, households and even your personal speedbuild videos and blogs that are related to building (must feature creations that can be found on the gallery).

However, it won’t be easy to keep track of all of your submissions and that’s why we encourage you to post all of your gallery creations in our “My Gallery” section on Sims Community Social. That way we can keep track of everyone’s creations + creations / creators that don’t get featured will still get their spotlight on our forums.

Please note that we won’t be accepting submissions that use Custom Content. Also, if you have multiple creations that you’d like to showcase feel free to include them all inside one thread.

Are you ready to show off your talent? Submit your creations by clicking the button below!


Sharing your creations for our Gallery Themed Week

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