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The Sims FreePlay: Wedding Belles Update Walkthrough

Early access to beta provided by EA / Firemonkeys!

The Sims FreePlay is back with another update – this time giving your love bird Sims a better outlet to express their love for each other.

The Wedding Belles Update is a Live Event, meaning that you can progress through it not by completing a quest but by collecting arts and craft items.

There are 4 craft stations that you get this with event:

  • Candle Station
  • Pottery Station
  • Jewelry Station
  • Glassware Station

You can place several of these (depending on the station) on several lots, making it easier to produce more items for your event.

Daily Goals

Daily goals help you earn more items for the live event by performing simple tasks. Those tasks include:

  • Craft any item (1 Constructor Coin)
  • Craft 1,000 items (5 Constructor Coins)
  • Use a Spin Plant (1 Constructor Coin)
  • Win 10 Coins from a Coin Flower Patch (350 Candles)
  • Complete All Daily Goals (20 Constructor Coin)
  • Free Candles (100 Candles)
  • Free Constructor Coins (1 Constructor Coin)
  • Unlock or Buy a Prize (5 Constructor Coins)

Wedding Belles Progress

You progress through certain milestones by collecting items. The more items you collect that are shown in the “Next Milestone” section beneath the progress bar the more you advance. You also have an overview of your current inventory as well as all items that you’ve unlocked / need to unlock.

Down below you can find a list of all items that you can unlock (shown in order), as well as their requirements:

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  • I just have a question, the sims thats having the wedding, do they have to be married before hand to have the wedding or can they get married on the wedding day?
    (My situation) – two sims that i want to have a wedding for and do i make the man prepose to the partner earlier or can it be just a wedding? Sorry if its very confusing to understand im confused with this last part of the event so.

  • good morning!
    I deleted my original sims freeplay and I downloaded a sim freeplay with cheats! Unlimited simoleons and LP.
    Where can I download the newest updates or life events?
    Ps. the sim free play im playing now has no NEIGHBORS :( (because the neighbors where already connected to the first sim free play I’ve played.