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The Sims Mobile: August 7th 2017 Update Overview

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Please note that the game is still currently soft launched in Brazil. We currently have no information when the game’s coming out worldwide.

The latest Sims Mobile update introduced plenty of new changes to the game, including Energy, Family and Heirlooms, Careers, Events and more! Let’s get started at everything that’s new in this game update:


Instead of certain objects requiring certain types of needs including hunger, hygiene, bladder and energy – each interaction now requires a certain amount of energy. Energy can be filled by using the toilet, shower, bath and bed. It takes 4 hours to recharge bed (13 energy), 8 hours to recharge bath (15 energy), 2 hours to recharge shower (7 energy) and 30 minutes to recharge bladder (5 energy). It takes only a few seconds to use objects that will charge your energy.

Your Sims will +1 energy every third minute.


Downtown can now be unlocked at Level 15!

The Sims Mobile: August 7th 2017 Update Overview

Aging and Death

Sims no longer age with each day of playtime passing by but with life experiences that they go through instead. I haven’t seen an interface which shows how old is my Sim but I’m guessing that will be added eventually. You can choose to retire your Sims if you want to receive awards like new hobbies, gifts and heirlooms but they will no longer die without your consent.

Improved Traits

You can now have more than 3 traits which you’ll unlock as you play through the game. There are also traits with levels that can be unlocked with heirlooms and work experiences.

Traits are now more involved in socialization, work and other types of events.

Career Events

Career events and career event points have received big changes. For starters your Sims can now do simple tasks without your help. However, you can choose to do certain interactions on your career lot for extra career points which will help you earn more stars faster. Events now also last longer in case you plan to not participate in career events and let Sims do their duties by themselves.

The Sims Mobile: August 7th 2017 Update Overview

Daily To Do List

Sims no longer have whims. Instead you can focus on the To Do List which mostly focuses on your entire household progress including career and social events, Sim personalization, house modifying, purchasing certain items and more.

The Sims Mobile: August 7th 2017 Update Overview

Levels Interface

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