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8 Lots for Simmers who just want to torture their Sims


I’m not sure if it’s just me but torturing Sims in The Sims 4 can sometimes be a bittersweet escape from the everyday routine that you do in the game like cooking, showering and sleeping.

Down below you’ll see 8 lots that I picked for you that you can download and play just for fun (or storytelling). I personally recommend that you don’t move in any of the Sims that you’re attached to because…well…you’ll see down below why.

Maze Runner

There isn’t any certain goal that comes with this lot other than to walk your Sim around the maze and torture them along the way. As there’s no way to enter the maze from outside you’ll have to use the Teleport Here interaction that can be brought up by shift + click on the ground (requires the testingcheats true cheat).

Frectal Mess

This ain’t just a torture lot for your household but for the mailman who comes to your house evveryday. He / she will have to spare around 3 hours to get to the mailbox and around 3 hours to go back.

Maze Runner (The Movie Version)

Ever seen the Maze Runner Movie? Well, this lot draws inspiration from it. If you’re feeling inspired you can also create your own cast for your own Maze Runner story!

Pool Maze

This is the last maze lot I’m spotlighting – I swear!

See if your Sims can make it to the pool gnome without being exhausted and drowning themselves. You should probably buy some reward traits just in case to prepare them for this long aquatic journey..

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