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The Sims 4 Console (PS4): Exclusive Preview


Build Mode

The build mode really takes some time to get used to. The biggest problem for me was the fact that I still didn’t learn any controls that’ll help me do things much faster. Still, it feels like this aspect of the game could do more console integration. Using the push and pull feature can be a little exhausting when trying to aim your cursor at the manipulation arrows.

The Sims 4 Console (PS4): Exclusive Preview

However, each build segment is carefully explained and you’ll slowly but surely get the hang of it once you build your second home.

The Sims 4 Console (PS4): Exclusive Preview

You can check out some of our build mode footage in the video below. The build mode portion starts at 1:57!

It’s never been easy to build a lot on any console iteration in The Sims Franchise. Looking at this Sims 3 Console building video I noticed that it took this player so much time to build a rather simple house.

However, if you’re only looking for a Sims console game for building purposes The Sims 4 takes the crown because it’s the only console build mode which doesn’t limit your creativity with the object limiter. Plus there are plenty of features which are much easier to use than in previous console installments.

Live Mode

For a Sims console game The Sims 4’s live mode is really good. For starters you don’t have to scroll through interactions in order to find the one that you’re looking for. All interactions are presented to you just like on the PC version and you can select whichever interaction you’d like with the analog stick.

Switching between Sims and controlling time is easy once you learn all the controls. Just like in CAS and Build Mode you switch between the two portions of the user interface by clicking the touchpad.

Controlling the camera is easy as well. Analog sticks are really functional and easy to control with and you’ll learn all the camera tricks in no time.

You can see how I handled my first fire on the console version down below, as well as the new Camera Controls option which is basically “TAB” mode for PC players.

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