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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: 12 interesting facts about Brindleton Bay

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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack comes with a new world called Brindleton Bay – a world inspired by New England and some other coastal areas as well. There are plenty of new additions that come with this world, both cosmetic and functional.

Take a look at 12 interesting facts about this world:

There are 4 neighborhoods in this world but each neighborhood is HUGE with plenty of space for outdoor fun with your pets!

Whiskerman’s Wharf comes with a fire pit and some chairs for memorable memories for your Sims (and pets!)

Some neighborhoods like Cavalier Cove have a boat that you can use to travel between neighborhoods and worlds.

Sable Square has a rural area where vehicles will pass by every now and then which will raise dust.


There are huge cat and dog statues in Sable Square. (Also notice that Pet Treats stand?)

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  • Interesting note about that fire-pit, its model have existed in the game’s files since the start!

    Judging by its ID and design, it was intended to go in a section in Oasis Springs’ commercial district near the “Founding of Oasis Springs” plaque that you can see in the background.

  • I think it might be inspired by a cross between maine and the outer banks of north Carolina due to the dogwood tree that came in the pack (the dogwood is the north Carolina State tree)