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The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection: SecuRom Update

The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection recieved a small update recently which initially baffled some Simmers. After some investigating the update itself removed the SecuRom from the game in a bid to help improve compatibility of the game and Windows 10.

This now also means that you will need Origin to run and play The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. One thing to bear in mind is when you load the game up after installing the update is that the settings will have been restored to the deafult settings.

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Hey! I'm Krista. Long-time Simmer currently studying at Foxbury Institue.


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    • Was SecuROM ever found to have any malware behaviors? Didn’t think so.
      I have a Windows 10 computer, and it still doesn’t like to run on it.
      Most likely, EA did this in order to implement Origin DRM into the game.