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The Sims 4: How to backup Save Game files on PS4


We know how it all goes – you install way too much games on your console to the point where you have to sacrifice some of your storage. Even if that’s not the case you still might wish to save your save games to some place safe.

Playstation 4 lets you storage and backup The Sims 4 Save Game files in two ways:

  • By uploading it to Playstation’s cloud (requires paid subscription – Playstation Plus)
  • By copying it to your external drive

The best way to backup your save game files is to copy them to your external drive (because I’m sure you don’t want to depend on your internet connection too much).

Transferring Save Games to External Drive

Here are the steps that you need to take in order to copy your save game files onto your external drive:

  • Connect your external drive to your PS4 console
  • Go to Settings and select “Application Saved Data Management”

  • Select “Saved Data in System Storage”

  • Copy to USB Storage Device

  • Select “The Sims 4” and then select which save game files do you want to transfer. If you’re not sure which one is which you can check out the time / date of when was the save game last modified. You can also select multiple save game files.

TIP: I recommend that you give your save game files in the game actual names instead of the automated “My Saved Game” to clear confusion 🙂

  • Select copy and wait for the files to transfer to your external drive. We recommend that you use an SSD drive for much faster results.

Transferring from External Drive to PS4

If you want to copy your save game files from the external drive onto your PS4 device you can do so by doing the following steps:

  • Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data on USB Storage Device > Copy to System Storage

  • Select which game and which save game files do you want to transfer and select “copy”!

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