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14th Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 is already in development!

UPDATE: SimGuruGraham has updated his profile picture yet again, showing an icon of a…roach. Thanks Robson for the tip! 

The Sims Team is already in full force when it comes to developing the next, 14th Stuff Pack for The Sims 4!

SimGuruGraham, a producer on Stuff Packs has updated his Twitter Avatar with a question mark and a green background, hinting that a new Stuff Pack is already in development.

In case you don’t know SimGuruGraham has a history of updating his avatar whenever there’s a new Stuff Pack announced.

Unlike with The Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff Pack where the community had an opportunity to pick a theme of their own and vote on various gameplay ideas, items and clothing, it’s safe to assume that the 14th Stuff Pack won’t be another community project but a Stuff Pack made entirely by The Sims Team’s decisions and choices.

What do you think is the theme of The Sims 4’s next Stuff Pack?

Written by Jovan Jovic

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  1. what to think when we don’t know anything about it? oh… anything but that price will be bigger (oh… not for US people I forgot) so NOPE I won’t buy it no matter what it will be, as I said I had enough of foshing for money for stuff packs wit 1 (1?! really?) usable item in it

  2. Keep in mind that if this is a Pack Icon, it’s a very early one (there’s no polygonal design in the background). I thought Graham usually had his icon as a symbol in the pack (the hamper from Laundry Day stuff being my example).

    As for a guess on what a cockroach could even mean (we already have them in City Living), I would guess ‘Gross’ or ‘Creepy’ being the theme. Maybe flies will become more apparent, maybe they’ll eat you alive like TS2? Maybe the roach could tie into that ‘Starter House Stuff’ mentioned last year?

  3. Someone talked about witches – remember bad witches in the sims 2 – always were carrying roaches !!!
    So maybe it is about witches …. just a wild guess ! ..

  4. In a glimpse of giving more realism to the game, perhaps, include cockroaches when you throw the garbage out of the bucket, you know, innovating …
    I am still a bit disappointed that I had to pay € 10 for a washing machine and a dryer …

  5. ewww pests what is my sim going to be an exterminator? I hate roaches that’s disgusting. I probably won’t buy it especially with that icon

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