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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack is getting a Stuff Pack (TEASER TRAILER)

The Sims Team has just teased that they are doing a new Stuff Pack…for The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack. We can expect a full trailer and announcement to come out tomorrow. Until then, check out the teaser trailer above!

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  • This is absolute GARBAGE. Great way to show the fanbase you care about them by making a stuff pack for an EXPANSION pack, how on earth did that make sense to you? Didn’t you learn from TS4 launch that you NEED TO STOP RELEASING STUFF BEFORE IT’S FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!! GARBAGE.

    • But they *did* finish it; they finished what they were ready for people to pay money for. This isn’t because they launched it before it was finished, it’s them wanting more money, more money, and more money. The stupid part is that we as a people keep falling for these ploys again and again because we do want what they’re offering–and that just gives them permission to do it again.

      • Well, I sure buy this one, just like I bought every other dlc. I don’t care… I know EA is all about taking money from my wallet, but I like the game, I have fun with it. Unpopular opinion, but protesting against EA by not buying their stuff (heard that a lot), will not give me fun, wich I’m getting from the game. Sooo… It kind of doesn’t bother me if this stuff pack is exlusive for C&D DLC…

      • Well they need money to keep making content. I kind if feel like they’re gathering funds for The Sims 5. It’s “rumored” to have a very big budget.

    • I like to 2nd what CC said they just taking the mic now they should add it in free seeing they left it out of the cats and dogs . not charge us £7-99 so we can compleat something they did finish in time.

    • This is getting beyond a joke now.
      Something so simple that it should of been in the original expansion is being made into a small stuff pack.
      Honestly? I shouldn’t be so surprised EA and Maxis is being money grabbing but this has well and truly rustled some jimmys.

      • Maybe, just maybe, if more people protest this, we could get it for free. But most of the Sims 4’s fanbase is retarded.

          • Sure, if that makes you feel better. Thanks for making sure Maxis keeps doing this shit to us and never changes.

          • Oh my god, Ronan. No. They did LESS work for this expansion than they did for past iterations already. It had less content, just like all of Sims 4, to begin with. So they’re selling us less content for way more money, in two separate products that used to be one.

            That is not goddamn cool.

        • Raising awareness keeps people informed about these terrible business practices. Some people might not have realized just how egregiously anti-consumer this is. This is much better than just refusing to buy, although that should also be done.

  • What a shit loads they are they now make stuff pack for expansion pack exclusively?? This is biggest milking money way I’ve ever seen . Done with sims

  • It really seems like Sims four has taken a different approach in the way it delivers content to their players. In previous games such as the Sims one and the Sims two on the Sims three The DLC or expansion packs came with everything that was related to that expansion. It came with all the animals it wasn’t broken up to monetize. It used to feel like you guys cared about more than just money. As someone who has played the game since it first came out I feel completely betrayed in being released partial content but being charged an arm and a leg to get it.

    I mean I’ll likely still buy the pack but come on EA I’m a broke ass student my endless supply of cash that you think I have isn’t so endless.

  • I can’t say I agree with anyone here. I think the main reason is that EA doesn’t give them a big enough budget so they have to try to bring in as much money as they can. And the more you complain about ts4, the worse the game will become in their eyes and they will keep giving them a smaller and smaller budget.

    • The Sims franchise is one of the biggest in gaming history. The idea that they wouldn’t have enough money is absurd. Sorry to split this up into two comments… but at least I didn’t make you pay for it.

  • I think it’s a joke.
    I have never played previous games edition but I heard they were much better… At least expansion pack were good and full of different stuff which were worth buying. Now we can actually make one big expansion pack from a game pack, two stuff packs and even (!) one expansion pack… Some things are so unnecesary…
    And right now you made another stuff pack with things that could be added in “Cats and dogs”. You do everything to raise money, only! It’s ridiculous!
    Just a freaking joke!

  • I am sure there is some equation that EA and Maxis uses to determine how many “things” go into a pack and work it so that if there is more, they get two packs out of it. It is simple math and they are here to make money. As long as we keep buying the packs, they will keep making them. It would not surprise me if they keep adjusting the quantity of stuff in a pack down to see how much the market will bear.