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The Sims 4 Seasons: Features We Want To See

If you’ve not seen the recent Sims 4 news then you won’t know that it’s highly likely that The Sims 4 Seasons will soon be announced, in the case it doesn’t it’s still one of the most popular packs for each iteration of the game so rest easy knowing it will come. Anyway I thought it would be fun to look at some of the main features that would be great to have added to this pack.


With the launch of City Living we got the addition of festivals that are hosted around the world of San Myshuno, the Love Festival, Spice Festival, Humour and Hijinks Festival, Geekcon Festival and of course the Flea Market. It seems like a missed opportunity if the seasonal festivals from The Sims 3 don’t make a return in the new world we will hopefully get. The Sims 2 Seasons was a fantastic addition to the game but when you compare it to The Sims 3 version it feels as bit lacklustre due to the fact there aren’t any festivals.

Ocean Swimming

This is one of the most requested features at the moment, so far in The Sims 4 we’re unable to swim in any bodies of water that aren’t swimming pools, I believe that the seasons expansion pack would be the perfect opportunity to add this feature in, and I’m sure it would make a lot of people very happy. Although this was a feature that came with The Sims 3: Seasons it did not come with The Sims 2 version, it came with Bon Voyage, so it’s unclear if this will be a feature.


It seems pretty obvious by the teaser we got on Twitter that holidays will play a big part in the pack, it featured a pumpkin scarecrow, to me this obviously screams Halloween, or an event similar to halloween like the Spooky Day which featured in The Sims 3. I think it would be great to add these back in as they add a new dimension to gameplay.

New Lifestate

Okay I know we’ve technically already got PlantSims within the game, but they feel incredibly hallow and pointless at the moment, it would be great if they either made them a hell of a lot better (Similar to The Sims 2) or added a completely new life state in the game. I’m unsure of whether this will happen as it doesn’t seem like the development team seem keen to add in life states to expansion packs, with the exception of Get to Work none of the packs have had them added, but this could still happen.

New World

Hopefully this new pack will add a world to the growing collection, it would be great to see something a bit different to what we’ve already got. So far every pack for The Sims 4 has added a new world so I’m hoping that this continues, with The Sims 3 the development team decided not to add a world due to the huge task it took to create weather in the game. Let’s hope this isn’t the case again.


This is just a small feature I’d love to see return, as a throwback to The Sims 1 it would be great to add a half pipe for sims to show off their tricks, seeing as it did come with The Sims 3: Seasons it seems quite likely to be added, but then again we’ve seen features cut in The Sims 4 packs so who knows.

Of course it’s all speculation until the pack is announced but it will be great if it is true. In any case these are the features we’d like to see added to the game, if you have any others you’d like to see then please leave it in the comment section.

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  • hello i was hopping soccer could be added and snowboarding as well as ice skating and roller skating if it is all possible please soccer

  • Should make and amusement park or Disney world or something along that line or a carnival and make some popcorn and cotton candy

  • You know what I hate? (:
    That y’all have the necessity for the Sims 4 to be a carbon copy of the Sims 3 or to have the same stuff, this is why y’all are never happy with anything the Sims team does

    • Thank you! I can’t stand when people constantly complain about how 4 is nothing like 3. If you like 3 so much then go play 3 and shut up!

    • I agree completely. I’m honestly tired of the constant complaining. The Sims 4, in my opinion, is amazing. People just feel the need to complain and it’s stupid.

      • Agreed. The constant comparison between the two is unfair to TS3, and it holds back creative vision for TS4. If we gauge how great TS4 is by its ability to replicate TS3, we’ll miss what TS4 brings to the table. Like, TS4 isn’t intended to be a carbon copy of TS3 with updated graphics. If that was it, it wouldn’t be worth the developers’ time or our money. Personally, having seen the trailer, I think the new Seasons features look amazing, and it’d be great if we could be really positive about this release as a community. The negativity can honestly get really draining.

    • Funny really, I don’t want TS4 to be a carbon copy of TS3 because most of the packs were absolute trash. I have really enjoyed all the EPs and GPs for TS4. There were a lot of features from TS3 Seasons I didn’t add to the list because I didn’t like them or thought they were unnecessary, so what you’ve said here is simply untrue.

  • I just wish we’d get couple of new aspirations and jobs, something exciting we haven’t yet experienced in this game. And also new traits would be fun – I hope if they add new ones, there would be something else than just “winter-lover” or something like that :D hopefully we’d get a new world too

    Anyway, I trust the team working on this expansion pack, whatever they come up with I will be happy!

    • We are getting 1 new job, I think it’s called botanist. Also in the trailer there were ice skating rinks and roller skating rinks so I believe we are getting a new world, just a small one. We should also be getting at least 1 new aspiration, I would assume that the aspiration is going to be fours stages and each stage relates to a different season. Maybe the reward trait will be something where the weather no longer affects you and you are happy in all the different types.

  • No new world, but we do get holidays (and the option to create our own holiday social events/parties). I love the addition because trying to celebrate holidays in game is kind of empty feeling currently. I doubt we’ll get ocean swimming, but the great precedent with TS4 is that they’ve shown that they can and will build off of prior packs. So I can totally see a future world addition that takes advantage of seasons and gives us a beach area (I’d love a Sims version of Miami or Hawaii, although too tropical would get too close to Jungle Adventure’s aesthetic) — which could then give us a swimming area that isn’t a pool, as well as the option to lay out and sunbathe, get sunburned, etc.

  • Merhaba. Ben TS hayranıyım. Mevsim paketinde yeni bir dünya orada yaz festivaller olsa. Ve denizde yüzebilmeyi çok isterim.
    Not: Bir yerden bir yere giderken artık yükleme ekranı yerine normal arabayla gidilebilse harika olurdu. Yani daha gerçekçi olurdu…
    Yine de bizleri dikkate alıp oyunu geliştiren ve emeği geçen tüm yapımcıları tebrik ederim…