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The Sims 4: Caribbean Content Overview (August 2018 Update)

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It looks like The Sims Team is spoiling us this month! The latest update not only comes with numerous bug fixes, but also adds a TONNE of new CAS parts and Build/Buy objects. In keeping with The Sims‘ dedication to celebrating diversity, all the new CAS parts and Build/Buy objects are themed around Carnival, a popular summer Caribbean festival. Players can get their hands on all of these vibrant new goodies absolutely free when they update their games.

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This update comes with three new hairstyles for teens and older Sims. One masculine, one feminine, and one unisex. Of course, players can always customise the tags to use these hairstyles on any Sim with any gender customisations. The new hairstyles feature some amazingly detailed ringlet curls!

In addition to the new hair, this update adds new clothing to the game. There is a new head wrap, 2 feminine tops, 2 feminine skirts, 1 unisex pair of sweatpants, 1 pair of unisex sandals, and 1 masculine suit. All of the new clothing comes with a good variety of variants.

In the makeup category, there is new lipstick, eyeliner and eyeshadow, featured below.

The Sims 4: Caribbean Content Overview (August 2018 Update)

If you’re overwhelmed by ALL THIS NEW SHINY STUFF WHOAH, you’re not alone. To help, The Sims Team has added two new styled looks featuring these new CAS parts, so decking your Sims out for Carnival is as easy as click-and-go.


CAS isn’t the only place where you’ll find new Caribbean-inspired goodies. You can completely revamp your Sim’s living space with a new wallpaper, armchair, loveseat, coffee table, potted plant, and painting, pictured below.

The Sims 4: Caribbean Content Overview (August 2018 Update)

But The Sims Team still isn’t finished surprising us! There are four new sliding doors of varying heights in two distinct styles. A brand new ceiling fan can be found in Misc. Decorations as well. SPOILER ALERT: The fan is animated!

We could not be more hyped for all this free content. The Sims Team has really outdone themselves this time!

What do you think of the new update? Let us know in the comments or voice your thoughts on social media.

To update your game, open Origin and right-click The Sims 4 in your library to select Check for Updates. Remember to remove your Mods folder before updating and do not put it back until you are sure all your mods are compatible with the latest patch. Sul-sul!

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