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NEW CONTENT COMING! Free Update for The Sims 4 in October; New Paid Content This Year

SimGuruKate has just released a statement on Twitter saying that The Sims Team won’t be having any patches / updates coming in September 2018.  However, she made a very interesting statement where she pointed out two things:

First of all, she confirmed that there’s going to be a new content update coming in October. Although she hasn’t said what it is she did tease that it’s going to be “Fun Free Stuff”.

Second, she included a statement that there’s going to be some other new content coming this year. SimGuruKate didn’t mention what it is but we can assume that it’s going to be a new Expansion, Game or a Stuff Pack.

We can tease and speculate what this is all about but one thing’s for certain: there’s going to be a whole free new content update for The Sims 4 in just a few more weeks and new paid content this year!

Simmers, start your engines, and may the best speculation about the upcoming content win!

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  • I wonder if they are going to consider having tweens and middle school boarding school and universities also military and active school career I think these would all be great ideas! for tweens they could get half child interactions (playgrounds, toys etc.) and half teen interactions ( romance help look after toddlers etc) also because they are growing up they would have some acne and getting emotions because they feel they are too old for certain things. then they would also add a teacher carrier that would make them a good mentor when helping kids with homework. with military school, they would be a bad kid at school and for boarding school, you would have to pay.also high school grades would determine if they could go to university. thanks for reading please make sure the team gets this i think it would be good to have in the game!!!

    • I like your ideas! Except that I doubt that the devs will ever include romantic interactions with preteens, as it would probably increase the game’s rating. The fact that teens can kiss and have crushes is probably pushing the rating enough, lol. But I really miss the different schools in previous games, and I would really love a Sims 4 version of the ubiquitous University EP.

  • I love the sims it’s a grate help as it helps me to great my dreams and to help with my disability to show how creative I can be thanks to your game I have been able to take my creativity to all new heights so thank you so much your faithful David brook