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The Sims 3 “Looks Really Bad” according to its own Lead Producer

You don’t often see producers being completely honest about the games they’ve worked on, let alone confess that what they were working on looks bad.

Well, that changed with one simple tweet by Grant Rodiek, a producer currently working on The Sims 4. He replied to a question on Twitter which asked Grant about his personal preference between “realism” which was approached with The Sims 3 or “cartoony” which was introduced with The Sims 4. Without hesitation Grant tweeted out the fact that The Sims 3 “looks really bad” and that The Sims 4 looks so much better.

In case you don’t know Grant Rodiek worked on The Sims 3 since it’s first days of production back in 2005. He also worked on several Expansion Packs which were released for The Sims 3.

He additionally confirmed that he is indeed dragging The Sims 3’s visuals and that The Sims Team has done a much better job for The Sims 4.

The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 both have a completely different approach when it comes to visual identity and art style and we definitely don’t want to open up an argument on which game wins at which aspect and feature. Still, it’s pretty interesting to see a confession like this about the game we’ve (probably) all played for so long…

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      • I agree with you cwaddell, he’s just trying to get more of the TS3 players over to TS4 by trying to say to how bad it is. But in my opinion, TS3 is the better looking of the 2 games. jmho

    • Ugh. He’s pathetic! Notice how he tries to divert everyone from the fact that TS3 has more gameplay and flexibility than TS4 by talking about artstyles. I’m personally satisfied with TS3 graphics, but what is more important to me is the actual gameplay. TS3 has always had that from the very beginning – you can play the base game alone and still have TONS of things to do and explore in it. No one can say that about TS4. I actually don’t like the graphics in TS4 – it’s so goofy and cartoon-like.

  • I think Sims 3 looks way better than Sims 4, I don’t like Sims 4’s art style at all. This is not being honest by the way, this is trying to sell the current game by bringing down the previous game. He’s done that before when he said San Myshuno was so much better than Bridgeport and Cats&Dogs was better than Pets. They are not, but he doesn’t have to sell Late Night and Pets anymore, he wanted us to buy CL and C&D.

    • he is far from the first I have seen say that though, lol. i dont like sims 3 graphics at all. and the sims are creepy looking.

      • No they’re not – TS3 sims are just fine and can be made to look even better. But that is not even important. TS3 has superior gameplay than TS4 does. That’s why it still has a very active gaming community that hasn’t diminished over time – but rather has grown. The most active in all forums across the board are the TS3 sections – something EA can’t control. And it still sells well! In Steam alone, it had made it to their Best Sellers of 2018 list amid much newer AAA titles! But then you have other gaming sites where it also sells well. You can’t say any of that about TS4.

    • You’re missing out. TS3 actually has more flexibility and gameplay even in just the base game alone. Graphics are nothing – gameplay is EVERYTHING. I know most people who play TS4 get very bored very quickly because there’s nothing much to do in it but make Sims and build lots.

  • I love sims 3 alot but it crash to much on me lag big time when I got the sims 3 Paradise Island. Sims4 is getting better only thing I donot like about it ,is I miss going to the book stores and Grocery shopping. miss the cars and the toddlers are more adorable in sims4:)

  • Well I couldn’t agree more ! The Sims 3 looks horrible ! And I don’t think it’s a question of personal taste.

    Every game that tried realistic visuals in the paste did not age well over the years, mainly because of the limitation of technology and the uncanny valley. Nowadays, it’s starting to get better, technology allows high definition, high quality of lighting, shadows, textures etc… But I am sure that in 10 years from now we’ll still manage to dislike today’s realistic visuals.

    And it also works for movies : we laugh and/or cringe at special effects from old movies (or even recent movies), and because of that, we lose the immersion and the emotions. But we don’t feel that way and we can still appreciate old Disney, Dreamworks or Pixar movies for example (well it depends, Toy Story 1 makes me cringe a little bit now, but I’m a Game Artist so that’s probably why haha!) , because the visuals don’t purely rely on technology.

    Stylized/cartoonish visuals tend to age way better, because it’s not trying to copy reality. And I think it fits perfectly to the Sims’ tone and Maxis visual identity, which is very goofy, whacky, toy-like and exaggerated.

    And I personally hope that EA/Maxis will never go for realism with future Sims titles !

  • I agree completely. Although it was fun, Sims 3 visuals, models, and overall atmosphere was incredibly off-putting. I absolutely didn’t like the way it looked. The sims franchise is one of the few franchises out there that gets a lot better visually with age, because 3 was better than 2, and 2 was a lot better than 1. Sims 4 is the best looking out there so far.

  • I wouldn’t call that being “completely honest” at all, what a load of rubbish.
    It is just one person’s opinion, who sadly had his fingers in developing the game, which incidentally was a lot better off when he left EA, and sadly went downhill due to his idiotic ideas when he unfortunately returned to EA.
    Seems more of those stupid ideas made it into Sims 4 – which isn’t like it has hurt it much, since the game is already utter crap to begin with.

  • I agree completely. Sims 3 is actually pretty ugly looking and the graphics are disgusting. I can’t touch Sims 3 and would even rather play Sims 2 over that game.

    Also, what’s so wrong with “it’s own lead producer” saying it looks bad? Aren’t people allowed to have such an opinion over previous games because they feel the current looks and/or is better?

    Working on a game for years doesn’t mean you have to like how it looks.

    I actually think it’s a good thing he believes this, rather than believing it looked good. The game came out 9 years ago and it looks it.
    Sims 3 looks dated and Sims 4 actually looks like a massive improvement from a game from so many years ago.

  • Yeah TS4 with its phony backdrop and ugly flat lots…..yeah lets rush out and buy it because hey i run games on my toaster anyway. what a joke i feel for anyone who has to play that garbage.

  • You know the sims 3 came out in 2009? Sims look better in 4 but objects look more complex in the sims 3 plus, please don’t diss me! that is just what i think.
    PLUS if they bring back complex hair back from the sims 3 and the hair movements from the sims 2 then that would be great!

  • I am mad at everyone who hates ts3 i tried ts4 and i hated it it was hard very hard and i was at the vet in my expansion and the food machine was broken. I wish i could play ts2 but my mom had to get rid if it even though she loved it i like the idea of plant people and i hope that it will be on other sim games because babies+plants=cuteness

  • the art style is unnecessary. sims 4 is a straight up downgrade compared to sims 3. the “worlds” are boring and made without love in mind. sims 3 at least had a huge neighborhood filled with life

  • so Grant thinks Sims 4 is better looking than Sims 3? Well; Newsflash: Screencaps of landscapes from TS3 set at highest resolution actually impresses RL photographers on 500px (a photo website) while TS4 screencaps just get laughed off the site.

    Graham needs to stick to what he’s goood at and leave assessment of visuals to the pros with the eyesight to do so.