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Baby Ariel, queen of pop music and social media, is being added to The Sims 4 Get Famous as a Sim

You’ve probably heard of Baby Ariel – a 17 year old American singer and social media influencer who’s best known for her role in saving the pop music industry with her presence and hit singles such as “Aww” and “Gucci On My Body”.

If you’re not familiar with this pop sensation then you better learn all about her from videos such as “Best Ariel 2018″…

…and her latest hit single – Gucci On My Body.

Ugh, a queen.

Anywho, Baby Ariel has been confirmed to perform this Thursday on NBC’s TODAY Show where she’ll get to sing one of her songs in Simlish and possibly even showcase some new Get Famous Footage.

Well, apparently, that’s not all. After finally managing to read’s announcement blog for Get Famous I stumbled upon a quote that had me s h o o k:

There’s so much to share with you in the coming weeks, but we can’t sign off without mentioning a few special cameos coming to this pack. First up is Baby Ariel, a talented real-life signer and social media maven! Catch her around town and listen in as she performs songs in public places.


YUP – This pop music savior is going to be featured in The Sims 4 Get Famous’ brand new world called Del Sol Valley as an NPC that performs music in public areas around the neighborhoods.

Honestly though what did we do to deserve such a talented presence in our Sims 4 universe??

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