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8 Features We Love In The Sims 4 Get Famous

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It’s that time again! Another new and exciting expansion pack is just around the corner so we took a moment to check out some of the new features that are included in the expansion pack.

Del Sol Valley

While the world has received mixed reviews so far you can’t deny that the amount of detail The Sims team have put into the different neighbourhoods and the world, in general, is amazing! Also, why not take a look at the world in the new first-person camera mode too.

Acting Career

Whether you want to send your Sim alone to their Acting job or join them the brand new active career has something for every Sim. Send your Sim to an audition of your choice and see how you get on. Of course, if your Sim passes their audition why not join them on set too!

New Skills

The Sims 4 Get Famous comes with two new skills. The Acting skill and also Media Production skill. Both skills open up numerous opportunities as you level them up. This will also help your Sim progress in their quest for superstardom.

Money Vault

Where else is your Sim going to keep all of their Simoleans? You can deposit as much or as little of their wealth as you want¬† but they can play with their money, take a quick little nap in their money or even Woohoo with another Sim in the money pile. Just don’t forget to lock the vault doors!

Flaunt Wealth

Whether it is $100, $1000 or $10,000 you have in your account your Sims can now flaunt their wealth and make it trickle! They can even use the money phone for added effect as well.

Bribing Bouncers

Is your Sim trying to get into the hottest venue in Del Sol Valley but isn’t famous enough? Well, you can always get your Sim to bribe the bouncer for a chance to get into the party!

Paparazzi & Fans

The more your Sims fame level increases the more likely your Sim will run into Paparazzi and adoring fans. While sometimes this can be a quick pose for the camera it could end up with your Sim bribing the Paparazzi to leave or even signing a few autographs. Just be careful as to which options you choose.

Exotic Water Garden

One of the new buy mode items is the Luminary’s Exotic Water Garden. Don’t be fooled though, as much as it looks lovely in your Sims garden but things might get a little snappy! Of course, you can add Koi, Sprites, Piranha or even sharks to your garden. Play with them, feed them or even if your Sim is feeling brave. Jump in!

There is so much more to explore in the brand new The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack and this is just some of the many features we love that come with it. There is plenty more to discover!

Let us know what you are most excited to try out in The Sims 4 Get Famous when it is released!

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