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The Sims 4: How to Enable / Disable Whims

You’ve probably noticed something strange and missing in Live Mode after installing The Sims 4’s latest update. Yup, the thought bubbles above your Sim’s thumbnail, also known as Whims, are not automatically disabled from the game.

However, the feature wasn’t fully removed from the game – it was just disabled along with the introduction of a new section in Game Options. To bring back Whims, go to Options > Gameplay > Show Whims. Ticking the box will bring back the Whims feature in your game.

You’ll be able to play and earn Satisfaction Points once again after enabling this feature. It’s not known why the feature has been automatically disabled in the first place considering that Whims were one of the main ways to earn Satisfaction Points for the Satisfaction Rewards. However, it could be related to the fact that you get a lot more Satisfaction Points by completing Holidays with The Sims 4 Seasons or that the feature just isn’t that played enough to be considered as a mandatory feature that would hog up the User Interface.

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