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On top of everything The Sims Mobile now forces players to watch Ads

The Sims Mobile continues with bad decisions and changes to the game. After the highly controversial decision to charge players for individual color swatches the game has made another bad move.

Player @nightzel has noticed a very sly change to The Sims Mobile – forced advertisements. He sent us a YouTube video where, after travelling between Neighborhoods for a couple of times he was forced to watch an advertisement before entering the neighborhood of his choice.

You can check out this addition in the video below – we’ve timed the video to begin at 6:25 where the ad popped out:

However, that’s not all that The Sims Mobile Team has done with ads in the game. Remember the ability to earn additional currency points by watching ads after completing a particular event? Well, the game now forces you to watch an ad and get the bonus currency without having the ability to not watch an ad and get the standard rewards.

Considering that The Sims Mobile only works with Wi-Fi / Data turned on there’s no way for you to skip these forced ads.

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