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The Sims Mobile Team issues a Statement about the latest Update

The Sims Mobile Team has just issued an official statement about the latest update for The Sims Mobile. In case you don’t know, this highly controversial update has locked every single swatch behind a paywall. However, some players were experiencing an issue where even the content they’ve owned before the update required to purchase swatches all over again.

Although they didn’t mention much about the negative feedback from the community they addressed the issues that came with the update and said they’re working on fixing them as soon as possible. They also mentioned an important issue where the prices of color swatches are much higher than they intended them to be – which is going to be fixed soon.

Simmers, our latest update has caused some problems with purchased content. Our intent was to offer you better value, with single color items at a lower price, and options to add on later.

Something is not right with the update and clearly has not worked as designed and we’ve heard from many of you that you’re seeing pricing levels much higher than we intended. We’re sorry for this! As well, any item you owned before the update should include ALL color options.

These are both being fixed ASAP. Thank you for letting us know about this important issue, and again we apologize for the inconvenience.

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