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The Sims 4: “Upcoming Goodies” to be shown off in Next Week’s Maxis Monthly

SimGuruKate has posted a tweet sharing more details about next week’s Maxis Monthly Livestream. In case you don’t know what the Maxis Monthly Livestream is all about – it’s a monthly segment livestream which lasts for about 30 minutes covering all the latest community creations and news for all the Maxis games including The Sims FreePlay, The Sims Mobile and The Sims 4.

Well, SimGuruKate has just teased that this Maxis Monthly livestream will be revealing new information about the upcoming content for The Sims 4. Although we have no idea what the reveal is all about just yet we’ll be keeping you posted both on our website and our YouTube channel with all the latest info.

The Maxis Monthly Livestream will take place next week, on December 4th at 11AM PST / 8PM CET / 7PM BT. We’ll also be including a countdown on our seperate livestream post so you’ll know exactly when the livestream will go live in your area.

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  • *Just* when we got the largest amount of content added to TS4 in the shortest amount of time (EP + the 2 Patches merged into 1).

    I’m guessing an SP or GP by the term “Goodies” (Leaning more towards SP since we just got Get Famous).

    • Considering how some of the community are feeling if it’s not related to cars or university it might be a letdown. Honestly I wouldn’t mind if University turned out as a GP since I like how those have turned out. But if they were to add an active teaching career it might end up being an EP. I would like a tropical vacation spot with beaches and a reintroduction of mermaids.

      • I would mind if they publish a University game pack, rather than a full expansion. Education is the most relevant part of The Sims, and the one thing which is nowhere to be found within the content of the current version.