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The Sims Mobile: New Update Drastically Lowers Swatch Prices + Grants 150 SimCash for FREE

The Sims Mobile has just recently issued a new update for the game which dramatically changes and fixes things that occured after a recent controversial client update that happened only a few days ago.

The update finally fully addressed the addition of unlocking for colors and swatches individually so you can, according to the screen below, pay less for the object in total if you only want a few colors.

The team also addressed the situation where most color swatches would cost a huge amount of Simoleons and SimCash, meaning that plenty of swatches that you can now see in the game have been cut down drastically.

For example take a look at the couch down below. The same swatch price has been cut down from 50 Simoleons to only 6 Simoleons.

The same case goes for swatches that required SimCash. Previously the black color swatch of the couch you can see below costed a whooping 197 SimCash. After the update it has been dramatically reduced to 17 SimCash.

That’s not all – the “Home Sale” offer that they’ve promised to last for only the next few days is now completely permanent – meaning that all of the home items have a permanently decreased price.

The issue where some Simmers would report swatches that they’ve earned before the latest client update has also been fixed, meaning that you should be seeing all of the swatches that you’ve purchased before now.

With the latest update The Sims Mobile Team has also issued a SimCash Gift of 150 SimCash that you can redeem for the next 9 days. This gift has been offered due to the issues that many Simmers have gone through with the recent changes and events.

Are you satisfied with the way The Sims Mobile has handled this very controversial update or do you think that the team should go back to charging more for individual objects in exchange of having all the presets? Let us know in the comments!

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    • Never mind. For whatever reason when I got back into the game it finally showed up.
      Still I wish my glitch issue wouldn’t keep being ignored. The first day I reported it, it got closed, and that was rude as there was no reply back to tell me if it would be fixed, could be fixed, or what. So made another report about it. It’s been days and still nothing. There’s a table I can’t put in storage cuz of 2 plates of cookies on it that were from an option from a stove during the halloween event. My sim made plates of cookies, or treats, and placed on table. No options to do anything with them and I can’t remove the plates. About to uninstall the game due to no help for this glitch.