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The Sims Mobile: Slice of Nice Millie Bobby Brown Quest Walkthrough

Presented by EA Game Changers

The Sims Mobile is launching a brand new quest tomorrow – January 3rd, 2019 at 10AM local time called Slice of Nice! This is a special quest made in collaboration with Millie Bobby Brown, most known for her acting in the Netflix television series Stranger Things.

We’ve received a full walkthrough of the upcoming quest that will last for 7 days. Each quest step is going to bring a 25 Simoleons award with certain steps giving you 10XP points. After fully completing the quest you’ll be able to unlock 3 new Millie Bobby Brown-inspired hairstyles that we’ll show down below.

First of all take a look at all of the quest steps that you’ll need to take in order to unlock the new hairstyles:

  • Part 1: Sit on the couch and write New Year’s resolutions
  • Part 2: Dream up ways to be kind to others
  • Part 3: Meet a new Sim
  • Part 4: Compliment 3 Sims
  • Part 5: Complete a Friendly Event
  • Part 6: Complete the Caffeinated Caring event
  • Part 7: Give stickers to 5 Sims
  • Part 8: Complete the Spa Day event
  • Part 9: Offer pie to 5 Sims
  • Part 10: Complete the Great Food and Great Company event
  • Part 11: Complete 1 Friendly Chapter
  • Part 12: Meet 4 new Sims
  • Part 13: Earn 240 Simoleons
  • Part 14: Encourage 5 Sims to be kind to each other
  • Part 15: Complete the Caffeinated Caring event
  • Part 16: Tend to 3 plants
  • Part 17: Complete the Spa Day event
  • Part 18: Encourage 5 Sims to be nice to Emily
  • Part 19: Complete the Great Food and Great Company event

Here are all the hairstyles that you’ll unlock after completing this quest:

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