The Sims 4

The Sims 4 was among the Top 10 PC Games for November 2018

The Sims 4 continues to break all records even considering the fact that the game is more than 4 years old now.

SuperData, a Nielsen branch company who makes detailed research about video game sales and success has posted a Top Grossing Video Games by Category list. Down below you can see the best selling games for PC, Console and Mobile during November 2018.

The Sims 4 has took the 7th spot on the PC list, with the 6th spot taken by a popular Battle Royale game PUBG and 8th spot taken by World of Tanks.

This is the latest report for the best selling video games considering that it takes a lot of research and effort to take count the sales for hundreds of video games that are out there on multiple platforms.

We should be expecting a sales report for December 2018 in the upcoming weeks.

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    • Yes! RDR2 should definitely be on there! Quite surprising it’s not because 1) one of the best games I’ve ever played! and 2) It got so much hype and everyone I know has played it or planned on playing it

      • I don’t play RDR2 or anything (actually, I play very few video games) so I don’t know as much about the video game scene as I could. But it’s my experience sometimes that hype doesn’t necessarily equal sales. For example: we had a store that sold knick-knacks and kitschy items in a mall close to where I live that went out of business some years ago. When they announced that they were closing, I was shocked. I went in there all the time, and the place was always packed! But even though there were a ton of people in the store, no one was actually BUYING anything. They were just BROWSING around, stopping in out of curiosity or just killing time while they waited for someone. There was a lot of HYPE but not a lot of SALES.

      • I saw some RDR2 gameplay videos of different people playing so that interested me enough to buy it. I was a bit hesitant before that but no regrets.

  • I mean, #7, that’s fine I suppose.

    But let’s talk about that console list. WHY is Fallout 76 #5 for console? What is wrong with people?