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The Sims Mobile to transfer from Maxis Mobile Team to Firemonkeys

Earlier today EA Australia, also known as Firemonkeys, had made a decision to start a round of massive layoffs in their studio in Melbourne, Australia. According to Kotaku, the employees who remained in their positions were notified via a group meeting while those who had to be let go were noted individually.

The Firemonkeys Studios are most known for their work on mobile titles such as Need For Speed No Limits, Real Racing and The Sims FreePlay.

However, Kotaku’s article also mentions a rather interesting fact regarding another mobile title that’s not under their development. Well, not until now – The Sims Mobile. According to the article The Sims Mobile will soon fall under the management of Firemonkeys, meaning that the game and all of its development resources will have to be transferred all the way from EA Redwood Shores in San Francisco to Melbourne, Australia.

Those decisions included the cancellation of Real Racing 4 and a reorganisation of staff across the titles currently under their management, which includes The Sims Mobile.


It’s not yet known how will this exactly impact The Sims Mobile’s development and the game’s current development team.

We’ve reached out to EA regarding this topic and are hoping to get more official information soon…

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    • It’s not bad. Basically Sims with objectives and no real gameplay outside of events. After you get everything unlocked the motive is just to get flashy outfits with gems to get stickers by going to parties to get more gems for more outfits. Because other players give you stickers and certain looks/outfits get more stickers than others.

  • Probably just typo or they don’t realize Mobile and FreePlay are two different games. Lots mobile gurus working at Redwood Shores still post tweets like normal on Twitter.

    • They were saying that the Firemonkey Studios are known for working on games like FreePlay and others. They’re not confusing the two. At least, they aren’t now; they may have fixed a typo before I got a chance to read it!

  • If Firemonkeys is destined to take over and manage Sims Mobile, then why the layoffs? You’d think with more work, they’d want to keep their staff.

    • They said that they canceled Real Racing 4 and are rearranging other titles, so even with the addition of Sims Mobile Firemonkeys may be looking at managing fewer titles overall. For example, if they gained two but lose five, they have a net loss of three titles, and are now overstaffed. (Those numbers are obviously made up; I have no idea what kind of restructuring they’ve actually done.)

  • Isn’t it like Sims freeplay ? I always hated the Sims game on mobiles or playstation because its nothing like Sims on the pc !