The Sims 4 StrangerVille Official Livestream (REPLAY)

UPDATE #2: We’ve added a YouTube Replay for those who prefer watching content on YouTube or just are unable to watch Twitch content. Check it out!

UPDATE: The livestream has ended! You can catch the official Twitch replay down below.

The Sims Team is doing an official livestream for The Sims 4 StrangerVille Game Pack!

Unlike with previous Game Pack livestreams, this one is only going to scratch the surface considering that the team doesn’t want to spoil the game too much.

It begins at 11AM PST / 8PM CET / 7PM BT. We’ll make sure to update this post with a replay as soon as it ends!

Written by Jovan Jovic

Founder of the Sims Community website. I do plenty of things around here including writing articles such as "Top 10 Disney Princesses in The Sims", social media management, video content creation, streaming and more!


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  1. I cannot wait for this to come out! I am transitioning from Twitch to YouTube and this will be featured in my first YouTube video!!! Really excited for this content as it’s something totally new!! <3

  2. Looks like fun!
    I noticed the Welcome Wagon left fruitcake as usual (on the picnic table) but since the WW is infected, I hope the fruitcake isn’t made with the bizarre fruit! LOL 😀

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