SimGuruEmory Announces Departure From Maxis

SimGuruEmory has revealed on Twitter that he will be leaving Maxis in the near future to pursue new opportunities.

While it is sad to see a SimGuru leave Maxis, he will be very much missed by the team and the community. We thank you for all your hard work over the years with The Sims Team and we would like to wish SimGuruEmory the beary best of luck in his future endeavours!

Below you will find the message that he shared earlier today on Twitter.

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  • Probably left due to the company affiliations with an alleged pedophile and their nerve to act up on it so late. Good decision, Emory. Good decision.

        • Coco you are right, but still maybe one would feel personally disgusted to be part of such a workplace, know what I’m sayin?

      • Just like that. But I do not think this guy is to blame, cuz I know that Kate and Steve had the authority over the situation and handled it like shit. I would fire them if I were in a position of power over them. Probably didnt give a fuck because this was affecting young boys and not girls (no, I am not anti-female).