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This Month’s Maxis Monthly Livestream has been slightly delayed

The Maxis Monthly Livestreams are an opportunity for The Sims Team to talk about their current releases, showcase some of the community creations and often reveal upcoming projects and content coming to The Sims Franchise. The pattern of these livestreams has become very obvious with the stream taking place on the first Tuesday of every month. However, things are a little bit different this month…

SimGuruLyndsay has announced via Twitter that the Maxis Monthly Livestream for the month of April 2019 is slightly delayed. She stated the following:

Hey Simmers! I know you’ve been waiting to hear about our Maxis Monthly stream. I’ve asked the team to delay this month’s stream for a little bit. I have a few updates I want to sneak in that aren’t quite ready to talk about and I’m taking a vacation with my family next week. So, our stream will be a little bit later this month but stay tuned, follow and we’ll let you know when to tune in!


Right now we don’t know the exact date of April’s Maxis Monthly Livestream other than the fact that it’s been delayed just “for a little bit”.

We’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as we know more about the next Maxis Monthly!

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  • I’m sure that everyone is happy to hear from Lyndsay, but it’s not good to delay presentation after a fiasco involving previous representatives, and then provide ‘family issues’ as an excuse. I hope that these updates will have been worth the wait.

      • @Hadrian, I don’t think anyone knows exactly what happened to Kate, but people are saying that she knew for several months about the Game Changer who was caught as a pedophile, yet she didn’t report it. While there was a Game Changer who engaged in this vile behavior, I don’t know if Kate’s knowledge about it was true or not. But her last tweet was in reference to the case and she has been silent ever since. She could just be on probation, or suspension, but some speculate she was fired. Then again, since this is a legal matter, she might not be able to talk until the legal proceedings are done.