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The Sims 4 Main Menu is getting a Splash Screen Slider

About a few months ago The Sims 4 for Consoles got a minor upgrade in the Main Menu which gives players the ability to switch between different renders of the packs they own. Now, it seems that you’ll be able to do the same thing in The Sims 4 for PC and Mac!

During the last few moments of the latest Maxis Monthly Livestream, one of the developers has teased a new feature in the Main Menu which lets you go between different splash screens using the left and right arrows. The renders that appear in the Main Menu will only be of the packs and games you currently have installed / purchased.

This feature is expected to arrive with The Sims 4 Update for PC and Mac on April 16th.

You can check out this feature in action down below:

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  • OMG are you kidding me!!! For days they make it like a BIG announcement and then they show us that we can now change the picture in the start menu. This is just Bulls***!!!!

    • Wow, people will find literally anything to be pissed about. They announced a bunch of other stuff as well, but screw that then, I guess?

    • It’s a game. A game you’re free to purchase and play or leave and move on from. It’s a constant in this community that some people either like to nitpick over small things that they especially like to overlook in other games too or have burst of outrage over some ridiculous thing. That sort of thing is tiring to see and it’s almost as if it’s the new “cool” thing that some people aspire to do to out do other fans. It’s why I come here over another fan site because it’s just a playground of whiny nonsense.

    • you also get 3 new freelance careers and bunch of bug fixes,you really think they only would give you a picture change ? read every announcement before reacting…….

    • No, that wasn’t the big announcement. The vast majority of this Maxis Monthly stream was *not* about the ability to change the screens at the Main Menu! This little bit of news was just how this site chose to highlight one feature from the MM stream. :) Reading the article, Jovan literally states that the screen change feature was teased “During the last few moments of the latest Maxis Monthly Livestream,”! The majority of the MM stream was about the new career and how that would work, along with other stuff.

  • I’m actually really glad they added this. I love some of the renders and don’t care much for others, so it will be great to be able to chose which image I’m greeted with whenever I open the game. Little things like this can really add to the overall experience for some people.

  • This is so ironic because today on the EA Answers HQ forums, someone posted a question about if there was a Mod that would let you do this very thing! :-D :-D :-D

  • Clutch the pearls, just what everybody was asking for! Probably the only part of the update that won’t break anything.