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The Sims 4 Pufferhead Fanmade Custom Stuff Pack Coming April 18th!

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The fanmade Stuff Pack you didn’t know you needed (until now) is coming to your Mods folder in just a few days!

The Sims 4 Pufferhead is a Custom-Made Stuff Pack created by @MLys_jpg that features a dozen of new items and clothing for Sims of all ages!

The pack is inspired by Henry Puffer Poster from The Sims 4 Base Game. Much like Harry Potter, the pack comes with 4 different “houses” also known as item themes. Best of all there isn’t a single resemblance to Harry Potter – all of the items and themes have been adjusted to the world of The Sims 4!

You have Alpaggard, Leetlefloof, Ivybell and Owlenmood that each have their own characteristics. You can even do a quiz made by this talented creator HERE to find out to which house you (or your Sim) belong!

This fanmade Stuff Pack will be releasing on April 18th, 2019 and you’ll be able to get it by downloading file and extracting all of the items to Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. We’ll keep you posted and showcase the full thing as we get closer to the release. Until then enjoy this fanmade trailer with a realistic thumbnail preview created by @IllogicalSimmer!

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