The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Base Game is getting 350 New Swatches for Items!

A few days ago SimGuruLyndsay posted a cryptic tweet with numbers. The numbers she posted were 2, 18 and 350.

Although she has already revealed that 18 was a countdown to EA Play and 2 was the number of special presentations she was working on, it still remained a mystery what the number 350 was all about.

Well, just now she has revealed the true meaning behind the number 350. The Sims 4 will soon be getting a new update that includes 350 new swatches for items in the game!

SimGuruFrost has also shared the excitement over on Twitter:

It’s also been confirmed that the upcoming Swatch Update for The Sims 4 will be only for the Base Game items!

Just a few weeks ago it was confirmed that we’ll be getting an all-black door for one of the base game doors we currently have in the game. However, it was not known until now that there will be at least 349 other new color swatches for other items in the game!

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